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Alice came home, frustrated and annoyed. Who were they, firing her? For throwing some paper balls? For playing loud music? For–

Alice grinned an evil grin and walked over to Rachel. She grabbed her by the shoulder and squeezed it. Rachel let out a small scream.

She grabbed Alice of the floor and pulled her into the air. Rachel kicked her feet angrily.

‘Down!’ She demanded.

Alice laughed and dropped Rachel on the floor. She started to wail.

‘Shut uppppppp!’ Alice slurred. Alice flopped down on the hard grass. She either passed out, or fell asleep.

Nevertheless, Rachel took this as an opportunity. She cuddled under Alice’s arm and fell asleep. So defenseless. So innocent. So tiny. Yet she was abused in this way. But there was more to come.

Alice’s eyes opened groggily the following morning.

‘What are we doing on the floor?’ A puzzled Alice asked. She scooped up Rachel into her arms.

At first, she was a bit insecure. But she finally concluded it was just a dream and snuggled up into her mother’s arms.

On that day, Alice got the house upgraded. It was still tiny and still one room but Rachel was only 3 so she didn’t need a lot of room. Alice was cuddling Rachel when there was a knock at the door. She opened it, Rachel still in her arms. A woman in a gray ( grey or gray? I don’t know how to spell it. ) and white striped shirt and skirt with her hair in a bun stood before her. Behind her, a white, shiny car with the letters C.P.S printed into it was by the curb.

‘Hello..?’ Alice greeted her.

‘Hello, Ms…?’ The woman asked.

‘Munroe,’ Alice finished. ‘Alice Monroe.’

‘Ah, thank you. Now, may I ask you some questions?’ She didn’t wait for a reply. ‘Good. Have you ever been home whilst intoxicated or had any beer or wine at home?’

‘I’ve had some alcohol when I lost my job last night, but–‘

‘Did you remember anything?’ She asked impolitely.

‘No, I don’t but–‘

‘You have abused your daughter when you were drunk. We got reports of screaming and crying from the baby and yelling from you. Hand her over now or I’ll take her by force.’

The woman walked inside, inspecting the room. ‘Bad home,’ she muttered.

Alice pushed past the woman and ran, Rachel still in her arms.

Rachel was laughing. She thought it was a game. ‘Where are we going?’ She asked.

Alice didn’t reply. She didn’t know where to go. Rachel released Puff out of her hands. She didn’t mind. She just fell asleep.

Alice didn’t know where she was going. But she would keep running until she was somewhere.

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New Just Alice!!! :)

February 3, 2010

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Just Alice, First Update!

January 12, 2010

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Okay guys. Here’s my add-on to RoBurky’s ‘Alice and Kev’ – here’s the link: . All rights and credits go to him. I downloaded Alice and played on from since Kev died. You might want to read his version first. Enjoy!

Ever since Kev died, Alice felt empty. Sure, he didn’t care about her. But he was her father.

Alice wanted a baby really badly. She wanted to carry on her last name.. Whatever it was. She began to think who she should marry, but she wasn’t quite sure if she could trust a man again. After quite a while of pondering, Alice finally realised that adoption was a great way to go. Using an old cell phone she found in her work’s lost and found one day, she rang up the adoption agency. These adoptions were free, to Alice’s relief.

Alice was pretty excited. To calm herself down, she took a quick nap. She awoke to an engine rumbling. The adoption agency! No interviews, no nothing. Alice was quite surprised that they didn’t think less of her because she lived in an old park. But she was quite glad of this, too.

She skipped over to the basket and picked up the baby inside. She cradled the tiny baby and gazed into her eyes. Alice stroked the baby’s cheek and whispered,


It hit Alice that she could not raise a baby in a rotting, disgusting park. She, being quite confused, had no idea what to do with the bundle of joy. Give her up? No way. Kill her? Not even! Move out? That might work.

Alice quickly placed down her father’s grave and hailed a taxi. She bought the cheapest lot available.

Alice could only afford a tiny room with a low quality bed and crib. No flooring, no wallpaper. It would do for now.

Alice went into town and found a seed. She instantly came home and planted it. ( Sorry for no pictures.) It quickly thrived and grew into a mature apple tree. Alice harvested the sweet fruits with glee.

Alice sold some of the apples, ate some, and the rest.. she replanted them! Alice seemed to enjoy gardening.

Alice had earned money quite quickly, and decided to save the money instead of buying essentials such as plumbing and a fridge. Alice learned that she should’ve bought them..

The hard ( and embarrassing ) way.

After the “accident”, Alice bought a toilet, shower and a fridge. After learning from her foolish ways, Alice knew that she could change her ways ( I earned enough lifetime rewards for the mid-life crisis reward ). The new Alice loved her family very much. Her new motto was, ‘Squeeze onto every penny’, but she also squeezed onto other’s – she was a bit of a thief. Alice was very artistic and also loved to garden. ( Family Oriented, Frugal, Kleptomaniac, Artistic, Green Thumb )

Alice realised that today was Rachel’s birthday, and she seemed to grow quite dramatically. Alice gave Rachel her old teddy – Puff. Rachel loved him. Rachel was actually quite the charmer, despite her clothes. All Alice could find that was for free was an old dress made from different fabrics, an apron that was, strangely enough, made from wicker, a little dress for pyjamas and a pair of socks with lots of pictures on them. Rachel was quite friendly and was easily impressed. ( Friendly, Easily Impressed are her traits )

It was not until the next day when Alice’s ( and Rachel’s ) life took a turn for the worse. Alice went to work and got fired for being too noisy and not working. Alice went to the bar and wasted all of their money on alcohol. To Rachel’s horror, Alice came home drunk with quite a few things to do.

CLIFFHANGER CLIFFHANGER CLIFFHANGER! I will only continue if I get a good response. And props to my dad for proof-reading ( wow, that sounds lame lol )


December 7, 2009

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